Hi. I am Andreea and I am a digital designer.

And this is a little about me.

I focus on...

3D illustration
3D Modelling
Web Design Illustration
Web Design and Development
Social Media Illustration
Social Media Management

3D photorealistic renders can trick the viewer into believing it's reality. With stylised evironments, the creaivity has no limits. The surrouding world can be created however we want it. I create 3D environments for photorealistic or stylised renders, video-games and animations. But before that, I research the specifics of the enviroment: the atmosphere, materials, size, modularity. It all comes to life in software such as

Web Design perfectly integrates my passion for design, branding and UX. Researching the target audience, the content, typography and color schemes is a process that enables me to make sure the viewer receives the right message, a meaninful design experience and a perfect user journey.

Working as a Social Media Specialist taught me the amount of detail that goes in a good social media marketing campaign and the benefits of a catchy visual element and an engaging copy. Generating leads and gaining more followers might sound easy, but finding the right balance between creating a solid branding for a client and knowing how to target the right audience is triky. It's a challenge that I love.

In my free time, I like...

Going to the mountains

Choosing a career path that involves sitting at my desk in front of my laptop all day is challenging. That is why I motivate myself to be active when I'm not working. Going to the mountains or taking a long walk anywhere that involves nature is the perfect way to destress for me, reconnect to the surrounding world and come back to my desk more creative, more inspired.

My passion for travelling and exploring what is outside my comfort zone is the reason why I left my hometown and came to study in London. It's also the reason why I fell in love with Bologna, Oslo, Murcia, Barcelona, Wien. Next time I edit this web page, the list will be longer.

Reading - all types, anytime, anywhere. Drama, autobiography, history, comics. If I could move anywhere, it would be in The Library of Trinity College in Dublin. Permanently.

You can find me...

London Illustration
In London, UK
Email Illustration
Portfolio Illustration

I am always interested in meeting and working with new people. Feel free to get in touch and exchage ideas on design!